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Speakeasy is a full service Audio Production Facility specializing in today's new media. We produce audio and voiceovers for multimedia (PowerPoint® (PPT), *Macromedia® Director®, Flash™, etc.) as well as traditional broadcast productions.  

We also offer studio services.  We have multiple ISDN equiped studios as well as Source Connect Pro available.  Analog phone patch services are always included.  

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We are perhaps best known for our voiceover talent* and related services. We utilize talent from around the world to provide our customers with the most diverse and highest quality voiceover products available.

male and female voice talent

*Multiple languages available, including accents for English (British, New Zealand, etc.), and yes, we do Spanish!  Translation and some languages will be quoted on a per-job basis.  Please contact us if you don't find the voice or language you need.
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We can deliver AIF, WAV, or MP3 files via internet and CDR, as well as real-time via ISDN or Source Connect Pro. We are fully compatible with Final Cut Pro®, Avid® and Media100 video editing systems. 

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